Selasa, 04 Maret 2014

Tani Marika G+ Update 14/03/04 [ Translate ]

I was in it when I look at the inside of the bag.
Unintentionally Pashari (^ _ ^)
I'm reading the 1st page one every day.
Read over approximately around 23 minutes to read one page
Nderu. It is interesting deep.
Of course! Nagoya rurubu!
But food is delicious. Really. .
Dangerous to read in the middle of the night.
Chicken wings such as miso katsu Hitsumabushi such as,
I wonder if in the SKE48 Cafe SHOP? "True
Don DON grilled Kigo like "580 yen (ice
Such as cream with +100 yen) "Shibata-san
Beam parfait from the eyes "or 780 yen," Matsumoto
Of Rina! Smiley Na ♪ cod roe ingredients
Lean pasta "980 yen. Such as! ! !
The sooo delicious.
The Ne suited only "before 35 th single particular
It is collected in typeC of "Eh! ♪
It was the same in "KONJO"! Shibata Aya is
N! Beam from the eyes of the parfait.
The delicious grinning ('▽ `) ♡ ⃜
Beam ♡ ♡ ♡ ⃜ ⃜ from eye
The story of food in the middle of the night. I'm sorry

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